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traffic law

You have to appear before the Police Court?


We will be happy to help you and inform you about the possible fines and / or the possible temporary loss of your driver's license.

Whether or not made dependent on tests and exams.

We inspect the criminal file for you at the Registry of the Police Court, of which you will afterwards receive a copy by e-mail. We will then invite you for a discussion in which your story will be legally substantiated so that you can obtain the best defence before the police court.


Or in case you are a victim, maximize your chances of recovering compensation.


We will also assist you in your contacts with the insurance company. Please bear in mind that your insurer may have a conflict of interest regarding your claim, so it is always useful to seek advice from a lawyer before agreeing to proposals from your insurer.


Traffic law is more than a parking violation.  It also concerns the terms of technical equipment of the car. withdrawal of driving licence and driving exams, drink and driving, insurance, violations of road traffic regulations; load and overloading; low emission zone; traffic aggression; driving skills and others in which we can assist you.

In case of legal aid provided by your insurance, you are entitled to a free choice of your lawyer. You can easily inform your insurer by which lawyer you want to be represented and
the insurer must accept your choice.

The insurer is therefore responsible for our costs and fees.

Don't worry, this administration is handled directly between your lawyer and the insurer.


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