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Residential and commercial rent

Conflict with your landlord?


Starting a new business and you get dozens of pages of agreements to sign by the owner of the building?


You are required to sign a guarantee agreement?


Contact us and make sure you know what you're getting into.


The earlier we are consulted, the better we can help you to avoid problems.



If something does go wrong, we will be happy to assist you at
the Peace Court.


You can start a procedure at the Peace Court by petition,
this way you save the costs of a writ of summons.


You can also first request an amicable procedure to appear before the Judge of the Peace Court. The latter will then try to mediate and, if possible, try to reach an agreement.
An agreement can then be given the value of a judgment.


In any case, you can contact us regarding place descriptions, rental agreements, renewal of commercial leases, termination of the agreement.


Termination periods for agreements of short term and long term.


Renovation works, sale of a rented property, etc.


What are the tenant's rights and obligations?


What should the landlord pay attention to?

What useful actions can you take if your tenant does not pay on time?



What if your landlord wants to sell the property?


Your legal position varies each time.


We are happy to advise you.

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