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company law

You want to start a company?


We will assist you with the correct choice of company form.

The new Belgium Company and Associations Code provides with the following forms:


  • the general partnership, abbreviated to VOF;

  • the limited partnership, abbreviated to CommV;

  • the private limited company, abbreviated to BV;

  • the cooperative society, abbreviated to CV;

  • the public limited company, abbreviated to NV;

  • the European company, abbreviated to SE;

  • the European Cooperative Society, SCE for short;

  • the European Economic Interest Grouping, EEIG for short. 

At the time of incorporation, we also assist you with the drafting of a tailor-made shareholder agreement with your co-partners, in order to define the outlines of your future collaboration.


Questions about existing companies?

You can contact us for all company law matters such as dissolution, mergers and acquisitions, sale of shares, dismissal and appointment of directors, alarm bell procedure, capital increase, amendments to the articles of association, conflicts with shareholders, transfer of the business seat, etc.

And, of course, bringing your current company in accordance with the aforementioned new Belgian Company Code. Existing companies must comply ultimately January 1, 2024.

Also the subjects of the founder's liability and liability of the partners and directors are commonly handled by our firm.

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