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INsolvency and attachment law

If you are in financial difficulties as an entrepreneur, or you are a creditor, we will assist you with concrete and practice-oriented advice.


Including the commencement of proceedings WCO, now PGR, company restructructuring procedure, in order to obtain protection against creditors through a transfer under judicial authority, a collective agreement or reorganisation plan with debt waiver.


As well as the declaration of a bankruptcy, the declaration of claims and disputes with creditors

and/or curators (trustees).

Also if you are worried about your liability or if you think you can hold someone liable, please contact us for an advice.

Advice on guarantees, waivers, professional bans, retention right.

Assistance with regard to the trustee of the bankruptcy.


With regard to the right of seizure, we can assist you with the precautionary and executive seizure of movable and immovable property and with third parties such as banking institutions.


Thorough knowledge of the law of seizure often makes the difference when it comes to the chances of recovering a claim.


Did you know, for example, that on the basis of a non-protested invoice, of which the due date has expired and after  an unsuccessful notice of default, you can block your debtor's bank account?

And that both creditor and debtor can play a very active role in the enforcement of attachment procedures, e.g. propose a private sale of a property in case an interesting prospective buyer was found?

As a result of which a public sale can be avoided.

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